U specijalnoj epizodi komonifikacije, koja je bila deo Common Waves’ serijala emitovanog tokom bijenala arhitekture u Tbilisiju 2020., ugostili smo Saru Nikolić i Anju Vujović.


In special episode of Commonification, which is part of Common Waves’ series of broadcasts aired at Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020, will be presented two urban phenomena, both of which contest the notion of commons and witness its changing nature and possibilities – community space that comprises large housing estates in Poznań and urban squats in Belgrade. Different by nature – inclusive outdoor communal spaces as opposed to the wary exclusivity of closed squatted buildings – these two phenomena embody the capacity for social engagement, permitting the occurrence of practices of commoning. With anthropologists Sara Nikolic and Anja Vujovic we discuss the importance of senses, memories and life-worlds in production of social space.