Our commons: Political ideas for a new Europe

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This publication explores new politics in Europe and describes the commons in different spheres of society, economy and politics.  The book is divided into seven thematic sections. Most sections have a theoretical position and a practical case study. All sections feature influential thinkers whose voices we want to amplify. This book is comprised of the insights of more than 20 writers, activists and pioneers, standing on the shoulders of hundreds more.

Održivost, odrast i hrana

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Publikacija „Održivost, odrast i hrana“ obrađuje više različitih aspekata proizvodnje hrane kroz prizmu zajedničkih dobara, održivosti i odrasta. Publikacija pokriva širok spektar tema, od prepoznavanja koja su fizička i društvena ograničenja procesa proizvodnja hrane, preko načina na koji se danas hrana proizvodi na globalnom i nacionalnom nivou, pa sve do mogućih alternativnih praksi.

The Limits of Eco-Localism: Scale, Strategy, Socialism

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If 'place' and 'local space' are where the 'tangible solidarities' necessary to build an alternate way of life, and an anti-neoliberal politics, must form, then we cannot avoid confronting the systematic obstacles that have to be overcome in realizing such a project. Claims that sustainable local ecologies can serve as the foundation for political action and social alternatives at least require careful scrutiny.

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