Autor/ka: Gregory Albo
Izdavač: Socialist Register: Coming to Terms with Nature
Mesto izdanja: London
Godina izdanja: 2007
Materijal: članak iz zbornika


As neoliberalism has come to dominate the global market and regulatory framework its institutionalization and logic has fuelled developments in agriculture that drive rural people into urban slums, while at the same time fostering inter-local competition to reduce wages and environmental regulation. This also means, however, especially when we remember that most urban life on the planet bears no resemblance whatever to Richard Florida’s image of yuppified city centres for the ‘creative class’, that the burden that ‘the local’ carries in strategies for a pro-sustainability, anti-neoliberal (and even an anti-capitalist) agenda is enormous. If ‘place’ and ‘local space’ are where the ‘tangible solidarities’ necessary to build an alternate way of life, and an anti-neoliberal politics, must form, then we cannot avoid confronting the systematic obstacles that have to be overcome in realizing such a project. Claims that sustainable local ecologies can serve as the foundation for political action and social alternatives at least require careful scrutiny.