Autor/ka: Michel Bauwens, John Restakis, George Dafermos, Janice Figueiredo
Izdavač: P2P Press
Mesto izdanja: /
Godina izdanja: 2014
Materijal: knjiga


Starting from a research project FLOK, the authors try to develop specific frames to enhance the systemic use of commons in contemporary capitalist conditions. Their proposal is to create Commons-Based Resiprocity Licence, which would allow free usage of a particular commons under these conditions: that the entity is the public good institution or enterprise, structurally linked to the common good objective, that the activity or entity is not commercial, that the for-profit usage of the commons is based on reciprocity, small and cooperative, workers-owned enterprises with for-profit activities and goals can make usage of the particular commos governed by the CBRL.