Autor/ka: George Caffentzis
Izdavač: St Antony’s International Review 8, no. 1
Mesto izdanja: n/a
Godina izdanja: 2012
Materijal: članak


The article has the practical task of actually making the knowledge commons. The author examines this project in two parts. The first part is a discussion of the typical difficulties encountered in the making of commons in general. In order to concretize this theme, he analyses the making of the “lobster commons” on the coast of Maine over the last hundred and fifty years. The methods of lobster fishing developed by Maine lobstermen and women have become a textbook example of how a group of people who are not altruistic angels can come together to self-manage the exploitation of a common resource without exhausting it or destroying each other. In the second part he analyses a number of typical problems that the constituent community of the knowledge commons, especially universities, their faculties and students, must face in preventing a “tragedy of the knowledge commons.”