Autori: Iva Čukić, Jovana Timotijević, Božena Stojić, Njomza Dragusha, Orbis Rexha, Sonja Dragović, Tatjana Rajić

Izdavač: Ministry of Space / Institute of Urban Policies

Mesto izdanja: Belgrade

Godina izdanja: 2020

Materijal: knjiga

The book is a collection of different texts and case studies from the countries of the Western Balkans that have been facing dramatic social, political and economic changes along with the so called transition since the beginning of 1990s. The present texts contextualise the concept of the commons through the practices of various actors, initiatives and organisations in Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, while taking a political and critical view on the concept of the commons and discussing its capacities as an alternative to neoliberalism. It is meant to showcase practices that encourage narratives and practices of resistance, transformation and promising a possible change.