Autor/ka: J. Martin Pedersen
Izdavač: The Commoner
Mesto izdanja: /
Godina izdanja: 2010
Materijal: članak


The review led to an understanding of the conception of rights that underpins commoning. As collective rights, a collective powers-to, commoning is a counter point to exclusive, private property rights. The questions concerning organization and property in relation to the politics of Free Culture and Free Software are asked. The libertarian values and liberal, economic conceptualization that define Free Culture and Free Software turn on a problematic distinction between the tangible and intangible realm, which results in a series of problems, specifically with regard to property. A conceptual framework of property that allowed for an analysis of private property and comonning on equal terms was developed. The framework revealed various ways of re-configuring property relations and thus facilitate self-articulation. In the last chapter the essay brought by, starting from an anti-capitalism position, applying the tools and concepts developed in previous chapter as a response to the conflicts identified and questions raised before.