Autor/ka: Kevin Poperl & Ida Susser
Izdavač: FocaalBlog
Mesto izdanja: n/a
Godina izdanja: 2018
Materijal: tekst


In the face of the seemingly all-powerful neoliberal machine of Emmanuel Macron, French activists who have come together since 2016 in Nuit Debout, unions, a new alternative party (La France Insoumise), and massive demonstrations are regrouping with exciting and productive interventions. Here we discuss what we see as one new political strategy in the wars of position in contemporary capitalism. We suggest that Coopcycle, an online app invented for cooperative organizations of delivery workers, may be initiating an innovative left strategy of class struggle by activating a new form of mobilization that confronts changing work organization and technology in line with the changing subjectivities and class alliances of the current era.