Autori: Niko Dockx and Pascal Gielen (editors)

Izdavač: Valiz

Mesto izdanja: Amsterdam

Godina izdanja: 2018

Materijal: knjiga

The book explores the ideological thoughts under the notion of the commons and asks how this shapes the reality of our living together. Pays attention to the aesthetic dimension of communism as an ideology: what artistic strategies and what aesthetics do commoners adopt?

After half a century of neoliberalism, a new radical, practice-based ideology is making its way from the margins: commonism, with an o in the middle. It is based on the values of sharing, common (intellectual) ownership and new social co-operations. Commoners assert that social relationships can replace money (contract) relationships. They advocate solidarity and they trust in peer-to-peer relationships to develop new ways of production.

Commonism maps those new ideological thoughts. How do they work and, especially, what is their aesthetics? How do they shape the reality of our living together? Is there another, more just future imaginable through the commons? What strategies and what aesthetics do commoners adopt? This book explores this new political belief system, alternating between theoretical analysis, wild artistic speculation, inspiring art examples, almost empirical observations and critical reflection.