Autor/ka: Erik Olin Wright
Izdavač: US-BIG Congress, March 4-6, 2005
Mesto izdanja: Medison
Godina izdanja: 2005
Materijal: konferencijski članak


In this paper I will explore a complementary problem: in what ways might Basic Income be seen as a structural reform of capitalism that would facilitate a movement in the direction of socialism? It may be that to a meaningful degree the distributional principles of communism could be instituted within capitalism in the form of a generous unconditional basic income, and thus socialism may not be a necessary condition for significant advance on these principles. But it may also be true that in the long term a generous basic income would be corrosive of capitalism and move us significantly in the direction of a society in which economic activities were organized in a way that can be described as socialist. This is the central question I will explore in this paper: in what ways can a guaranteed basic income be considered part of a broad socialist challenge to capitalism?