Autor/ka: George Caffentzis
Izdavač: The Commoner
Mesto izdanja: n/a
Godina izdanja: 2008
Materijal: /


The text is a critique of commodified reason that will add to the defense of the non-commodified aspects of the academic collective work and its results. Higher education and the knowledge produced in universities have been expelled or enticed into a neoliberal regime. Second, higher education that had previously been seen as a public good which Church, State and/or Capital largely subsidized in exchange for the right to control its content and form, has in the 1980s and 1990s increasingly become a commodity to be sold in a competitive market by universities to their “customers,” heavily indebted students. The author examines the impact of neoliberal policies on university systems in Africa that, among the world’s regions, have been least able to resist them. They are also the world’s most vulnerable, since they are the newest and least developed systems. These results are important for us at USM since they show how commodification operates in context where there are no pre-neoliberal institutional immunities and constraints that would block the forces it unleashes.